Commercial and residential parking garages are used regularly, if not every day, by residents, visitors and clients. Oil spills, dirt, salts, dust, debris, and other contaminants dragged in by cars or storms tend to accumulate fast, and they start to degrade your concrete, reducing the overall look of your garage. To keep your tenants happy, your parking garage should be professionally cleaned to remove any dirt and contaminants and maintain its good conditions.

Royal Wash is a Toronto cleaning company specializing in detailed cleaning of different surfaces to restore and maintain their aesthetics and increase their durability. When it comes to underground parking garage cleaning, we utilize specialized and effective cleaning techniques to eliminate dirt and other contaminants, which restores the conditions of your garage.

If your property has a parking garage, or you own a parking lot in Toronto, contact Royal Wash to have it professionally cleaned. A safe and clean garage improves your property’s look.

Underground Parking Cleaning Services

The cost of cleaning your garage varies depending on the size of your garage, its condition, and the type of services required. The services we offer include a full parking garage cleaning package, parking garage sweeping, and pressure or power washing services, which vary in price.

At Royal Wash, our prices are all-inclusive, with no hidden fees or surprise charges. Our charges include the reclamation and proper disposal of the contaminants cleaned from your parking garage. This means that we do not contaminate the environment with dirt and harmful substances, such as oil residues.

Our underground parking garage cleaning services in Toronto are affordable and environmentally friendly. Contact us to learn more about our pricing.

Washing and Sweeping Services

Royal Wash provides sweeping, pressure cleaning, and power scrubbing services for underground parking lots in Toronto.

During parking garage power sweeping, we remove dust, leaves, dirt, and other debris accumulated in the parking garage. Our team dusts your overhead pipes and walls and removes any dirt embedded in the concrete. We utilize advanced sweeping equipment to meet your parking garage cleaning needs. Sweeping should be done regularly as part of your garage maintenance plan.

During pressure or power washing, our team first sweeps your garage to remove any light dirt and debris. They then pretreat oil stains and other stained surfaces in the garage to lift contaminants and dirt from your concrete. Our team then scrubs the concrete if necessary, and then uses a hot water pressure washer to deep-clean the walls and floor. The final cleaning touches include cleaning overhead pipes, stairwells, and any ducts in your parking garage to leave it sparkling. Once the garage is all cleaned up, we apply a seal coating to protect your concrete.

At Royal Wash, we use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and techniques. Our underground parking garage cleaning services leave your concrete looking bright and protects it against further degradation by contaminants.

All our garage power washing services include water management for proper disposal of all contaminants cleaned from your parking garage. Contact us today for professional parking garage cleaning services in Toronto.

Benefits of Underground Parking Garage Cleaning

Public Safety

The dirt and contaminants dragged into your parking garage may not be all toxic, but they may end up causing harm to your clients or tenants. For example, if a client slips and falls due to accumulated dirt in your parking garage, the property owner or manager will be held responsible for any injury incurred.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your garage keeps its users safe.

Keep Your Residents or Tenants Happy

Tenants require a clean and well-maintained building as their business depends on it. When they invite potential clients to your property, the first thing the clients see is your garage, which will have a significant impact on them.

If your garage is dirty, your tenants may consider relocating to a more inviting building as soon as their lease is up.

Maintain Property Value

Regular maintenance of your parking garage ensures that your property value is maintained. If your garage is not regularly cleaned, then the contaminants become deeply embedded into your concrete and harder to eliminate, reducing your property value.

Positive Impression on Potential Tenants

When looking to lease an office or an apartment, potential tenants look at every aspect of the building, including your parking garage. No one wants their family, visitors, or clients to step into a dirty parking garage.

If your garage is well maintained, a potential tenant feels welcome when they step out of their car. A clean parking garage will give them a positive impression of your entire building.

How Often Should an Underground Parking Garage Be Cleaned?

Keeping your parking garage clean keeps your tenants happy and maintains your property’s overall value and condition. Keeping your garage clean involves a well-scheduled cleaning and maintenance plan.

Your garage should be swept weekly to eliminate any loose dirt and prevent debris accumulation. Since sweeping does not remove stains and other embedded contaminants, your garage should be professionally cleaned every few months to keep it looking bright and safe.

Contact Royal Wash, and we’ll help you keep your garage clean by customizing a garage cleaning and maintenance plan that works best for your garage.

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