The conditions of the exterior surface of your building or house reflect the ethos of your entire business or residence. When your walls, gutters, and windows accumulate dirt, salt stains, moss, mould, and other contaminants, they reduce your building’s aesthetics and overall appeal.

As the first thing your potential clients or tenants see, the exterior surface of your building should be cleaned regularly for appealing aesthetics and to reduce degradation of your concrete and other surfaces by contaminants.

Royal Wash has many years of experience providing effective, safe, and long-lasting exterior building cleaning services in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, we have the equipment and personnel to clean the entire exterior of your building to a perfect finish without damaging the surface.

Identifying and Removing Stains Found On Buildings

At Royal Wash, we have provided building exterior cleaning services for many years. Since our establishment, we have encountered many types of stains on concrete, bricks, and other exterior surfaces. Some of the most common stains that we have dealt with include:

  • Black Stains: They are formed due to hydrocarbon emissions from cars and jet fuel. They can also result from photosynthetic bacteria-based algae called Gloeocapsa magma. These algae grow on the exterior surfaces of buildings and use moisture and calcium carbonate from concrete to multiply. After a while, the algae form dark outer layers that appear as dark stains on building exterior surfaces.
  • Lime Run: These stains are also known as carbonate staining. They appear as hard white stains emanating from mortar joints or cracks between bricks.
  • Gray or White Stains: They are formed when muriatic acid is incorrectly used to clean exterior surfaces, i.e., when the wall is not adequately wet before applying the acid, or when the acid is not thoroughly rinsed from the wall after application. Mortar dissolves in the acid and gets absorbed by the drywall, forming white or grey runs.
  • Yellow or Gold Stains: These unappealing stains also result from the improper cleaning of exterior surfaces using muriatic acid. If muriatic acid residues are left on surfaces after cleaning, they penetrate and degrade bricks and other exterior surfaces, resulting in hard yellow or gold stains.
  • Green Vanadium Stains: They are mostly present on the surfaces of newly constructed buildings or water socked exteriors. They are caused by water-soluble vanadium salts.

These stains are just a few of the different contaminants that we encounter when cleaning buildings’ exterior surfaces. The good thing is, our experts are adequately equipped to remove any stains or growths found on different surfaces of buildings. Contact us if your property has unsightly stains, and benefit from the best exterior building cleaning services in Toronto.

Our Exterior Building Cleaning Process

The effective removal of mould, stains, algae, dirt, and mildew from the exterior surface of buildings requires years of experience, trained personnel, and a combination of the right equipment and cleaning solutions. Royal Wash uses guaranteed and safe cleaning methods and techniques to clean exterior surfaces. Our team is well trained, committed, and they pay close attention to every part of the building to ensure ideal results.

Here a few steps that we follow when cleaning exterior building surfaces:

  • Assessment of the exterior surface to determine the most effective cleaning method
  • Precautions to protect the surrounding environment, including plants, from cleaning residues
  • Block access to the work area as required
  • Properly wet the target area and the surrounding areas with clean water.
  • Pretreating stains with ecofriendly cleaning solutions
  • Apply specialized surface cleaning solution to the exterior as required
  • Wash the treated exterior surfaces with pressurized hot water. We use specific pressure and temperature as per the exterior surface to prevent any damage.
  • Apply a sealant or wax solution to the cleaned surface to enhance the look of your building and protect the surface
  • Rinse the windows to prevent water streaks and spots
  • Thoroughly rinse the surrounding area and surfaces.
  • Collect and properly dispose of debris and any cleaning residue
  • Assess the building to ensure it meets your cleaning requirements

How Often Should Your Building’s Exterior Be Cleaned?

Residential, industrial, and commercial exterior building surfaces should be cleaned at least once every 3-5 years. Royal Wash can help you create an exterior building cleaning schedule to ensure that your property remains appealing and protected from contaminants. Contact us to assess and clean your building as required.

Why Choose Us

Health and Safety

Royal Wash cares about the environment and the well-being of the inhabitants of any building that we clean. This is why we utilize safe and biodegradable cleaning solutions and follow all the Health and Safety Protocols.

Fully Trained Staff

Royal Wash cleaning experts are thoroughly trained and highly-experienced in exterior building cleaning. They know how to navigate any risks they encounter and how to effectively remove all contaminants from your building without damaging its surface.

Effective Equipment and Cleaning Techniques

The cleaning equipment and solutions that we utilize ensure the effective removal of mildew, mould, salt stains, dirt, and other contaminants found on the exterior surfaces of buildings.

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