Benefits of Fence Staining

A fence is a nice feature to have on your property. It marks the perimeter of your property and adds visual appeal. Sun and moisture can damage the wood on your fence, but there are measures you can take to protect your fence and get the most out of it. Fence staining is one of those measures.

The problem with wood is that it has a tendency to warp, fade, split and even rot if it is not guarded against the environment. Staining your fence can combat all of these unpleasant effects and significantly improve the appearance of your fence.

Prevents your fence from rotting

Wood rots very easily and requires extensive work to repair the damage which causes ugly markings and stains on the fence and weaken it. Oftentimes, the damage is so substantial that the rotten boards have to be replaced. Using a high-quality stain can act as a waterproof barrier, preventing your wooden fence from rotting. 

Reduces UV damage

The sun’s rays can be harsh on a fence, stripping it of its vibrant natural colour and making it look a lot older than it actually is. By painting your fence, you can protect and control the amount of UV rays penetrating your fence. 

Prevents splitting 

Wood absorbs moisture. The extreme winters in Canada wreak havoc on wooden surfaces. When water enters the cracks of wood and freezes, it causes the wood to split. That’s why it’s important that you stain your fence to prevent the wood from spitting. 

Enhanced wood grain 

Fence staining makes the wood grains more visible. This, in turn, will enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase the value of your property.

Longer fence lifespan 

The more effort you put into protecting your wood, the longer it will last. For best results, stain your fence several times during the installation process. Pre-staining can be done before your fence is installed and again after the process is complete. To get the most out fence staining,  it should be done periodically to maintain your fence.

Why Choose Us?

At Royal Wash, we’re passionate about enhancing the exterior appeal of a home by providing outstanding painting services to homeowners throughout the GTA. Our priorities are providing great work and making sure our customers have an excellent experience with us.

Each of our painters has a wealth of experience and is knowledgeable on painting techniques and products that yield the best results. We’re confident our team will get the job done well and we guarantee our valued clients nothing less than excellent work.

We are happy to offer our clients in Toronto a wide range of quality paint options, including eco-friendly selections.

What gives us our competitive edge is our ability to offer our clients high-quality products, a dedicated team of efficient painters, and affordable rates. We are committed to making sure every paint job we do is completed on time.

How we paint a fence

Painting a fence requires a level of skill to ensure that the job is done well and that your fence looks great. At Royal Wash, we take great care at every step to ensure an impressive finish.

Preparation – the first thing we do is assess the fence to determine what condition it is in and how much prep work needs to be done. If there are any areas that show signs of rotting or splitting, we will repair or replace the damaged boards if necessary. This will make the finish look uniform.

Sand – this is an important part of our process. We sand down the entire fence before we apply paint to help the paint adhere to the surface. 

Cleanwe clean your fence thoroughly prior to applying any paint to ensure it is free of dirt. Power washing is usually adequate, but if necessary, we use eco-friendly cleaning products to remove tough stains.

Selecting the paint – we have a wide variety of choices in paint color that can complement any home. Making a selection of the right color and finish for your home depends on your preference. 

Application we use a brush to apply the paint and this yields desirable results.

Quality Fence Staining Services

We know how important it is to have a home you are proud of, and this extends to the exterior appeal of your home as well. With every job we take on, our goal is to always give our customers the very best experience from beginning to end.

We ensure that every step of the way, we are keeping our clients’ needs first. We accomplish this by listening to our customers and explore various options to address their concerns. We prioritize quality in everything we do – from our staining products to our customer service and the end result. When you come to us for fence staining, you can be sure that we are committed to offering the best fence staining services in Toronto. 

If you would like to learn more about our fence staining services, feel free to reach out to us and would be happy to assist you!

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